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Loneliness and I

You could be in a crowded room, and still feel lonely. You could be performing on a stage in front of thousands of people who worship...

War Paint

There are times when this world feels so hard to live in. There is an overwhelming plague of sadness, of terror, of greed and of...

Experiencing Burnout

I woke up today, feeling very aware of my body. It’s not hard to do when I have a kitten – who I’m sure is a dog trapped in a feline...

Late Bloomer

I always knew that I was different – and not in the cliché “wow, I’m so random and unordinary” angsty renegade way. I have always felt...

The Imposter

There are days when I feel like an imposter. On those days I worry that I don’t deserve love, support and guidance from those around me,...

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