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First of all – thank you for visiting my blog! I’m Christopher, and I’m a writer. I’m here to share my story, to express my inner world and to shine my light. 

I’ve always been passionate about expressing my truth and encouraging others to do the same. There’s so much that is censored in ours self-expression, and we live in a society that largely pushes us to dilute ourselves and to follow a structure that doesn’t serve the artist inside all of us. I’m here to break out of that way of living, and I hope to make a wave that washes over every person who visits my blog, and hopefully I can inspire others to shine a light of their own and share their own story! 

When you wonder through the wilderness of my blog, you’ll notice a pattern; mental health. It’s not going to be the only thing that I’ll write about, but at times it will take centre stage. There’s so much that we supress, and I want to break that cycle, and to be open about my own journey! 

This blog is still a work in progress, so things might change as time moves forward. I hope that you’ll keep up to date with what I have to say!


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